DogDog Food WetTribal 80% Fresh Duck Gourmet Sausage

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Grain-Free complete wet food for dogs of all life stages. Tribal fresh duck gourmet sausages contain 80% fresh duck, chickpeas, and carrots. These ‘single source protein’ 3 ingredient gourmet sausages offer a complete meal or can also be fed alongside Tribal Cold Pressed dry dog food.

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Grain-Free complete wet food for dogs of all life stages. Tribal wet food contains 80% fresh duck, chickpeas, and carrots. This complete ‘single source protein’ 3 ingredient recipe is a perfect complete food for your dog or can be fed alongside Tribal dry dog foods.

Tribal gourmet duck sausages contain 73.5% muscle meat and 6.5% duck liver using ducks from responsibly raised farms in the UK. The muscle meat consists of deboned duck meat and duck heart, providing protein and essential amino acids. They use duck liver which is rich in vitamin A and provides a natural well rounded source of nutrition. Organ meats are highly palatable and contain natural sources of essential fat-soluble and water soluble vitamins. This complete wet food also contains chickpeas and carrots, these two ingredients provide a great source of low fat fibre and slow release energy.

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300gms, 750gms


Fresh Duck 80% (deboned duck 53.5%, duck heart 20%, duck liver 6.5%), Chickpea 6.5%, Carrots 4%, Minerals.

Analytical Constituents

Crude protein 14%, Crude fat 11%, Crude fibre 1%, Crude ash 3%, Moisture 65%, Carbohydrates 6%, M.E.