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Feed these balls all year round ensuring providing high energy feeding. These balls are even more important during the colder weather when insects are scarce, and birds require both protein and energy to survive.

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Our suet balls offer your wild birds a great source of high energy as they contain high quality proteins and fats. You can feed these logs all year round ensuring the widest range of wild bird species in your area will come and visit your garden. The high energy provided by these balls is even more important during the colder weather when insects are scarce, and birds require both protein and energy to survive. These balls are packed with dried insects for extra protein and are wrapped in packs for 6 or 12 for freshness.

Why do we have our own brand of wild bird feeds”

We have been supplying wild bird feeds for over 30 years, and we have the skills to ensure that we only use the best quality ingredients in all our feeds. Our bird feeds are packed locally, and most importantly weekly ‘ this means none of our feeds are stock piled in dirty warehouses for long periods of time, and do not travel around the country moving from warehouse to warehouse before arriving on the shelves. All our stock arrives freshly packed every week, and we feel that our garden birds foods should be treated as equally as we would our dog foods, and only provide the best possible, freshest feeds for our birds. Nearly every discount store, or supermarket will only ever look at wild bird feeds based on margin, they will never take the time and energy to look closely at the quality and freshness of what they offer you. If you want the absolute best for your birds, look no further than the Homefeeds Pet Food Supermarket.

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6 Pack, 12 Pack


Suet, Peanut Flour, Seeds, Peanuts, Dried Insects

Analytical Constituents

Fat 59%, Protein 11%, Moisture 7.4%, Ash 0.96%, Fibre 0.6%

Safety Notice

When purchasing foods | treats | chews | supplements | or toys it is the responsibility of the pet owner to consider the suitability of the product. Always supervise your pet to ensure the treat/chew/toy is adequately chewed as swallowing any item without thoroughly chewing it can be harmful or even fatal. Some items may contain moisture/deodoriser sachets which must be removed and disposed of before feeding your pet. Always have fresh water available. Always read the instructions provided on the packaging before use. Every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of our products is correct | however manufacturers can change product formulation without prior notice | so you should always read the product label prior to use.