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Johnson’s Parrot Bumper Bell is a healthy and delicious snack for your feathery friend. Enriched with seeds that help to detox your bird’s body, boosts heart health, prevent sickness and supports immunity!

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Give your bird a healthy and delicious snack with the Johnson’s Parrot Bumper Bell 150g. This bird treat comes in an extra-large size bell shape that your feathery friend will enjoy. Enriched with sunflower seeds that help to detox your bird’s body and boosts heart health. These seeds are considered a strong source of essential vitamins that prevent sickness and supports immunity. The seeds also make the treats rich in protein and healthy fats. This delicious treat for parrot is also comprised of gelatin adhesive that helps reduce obesity and strengthen the brittle bones.

This also helps to keep your bird’s skin healthy and lessen the digestion problems. Made using bakery products, this bird treat has an adequate amount of calcium and iron properties to supplement your parrot’s dietary needs. The honey content adds sweetness to the healthy bird treat and has anti-inflammatory properties. It also helps treat various infections and reduces damage caused by oxidation.

This healthy snack for parrot also fulfils the vitamins and minerals requirements of your bird. They also provide the energy needed for proper body and mind function. Apart from parrots, this delicious 150g treat pack can also be used to feed Quakers, Amazon, Macaw, Meyers, Cockatoo, Caique, Eclectus, Senegal, Conure and others.

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Selected Seeds, Nuts, Cereals, Bakery Products, Gelatin Adhesive, Honey

Analytical Constituents

Protein (28%), Fat (25%), Fibre (9%), Ash (3%)

Safety Notice

When purchasing foods | treats | chews | supplements | or toys it is the responsibility of the pet owner to consider the suitability of the product. Always supervise your pet to ensure the treat/chew/toy is adequately chewed as swallowing any item without thoroughly chewing it can be harmful or even fatal. Some items may contain moisture/deodoriser sachets which must be removed and disposed of before feeding your pet. Always have fresh water available. Always read the instructions provided on the packaging before use. Every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of our products is correct | however manufacturers can change product formulation without prior notice | so you should always read the product label prior to use.