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Johnston & Jefff Low Sunflower is ideal for African Greys, Amazons & Cockatoos. It is made from a blend of at least 24 ingredients specially for the smaller beaked parrots.

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Some birds can become addicted to sunflower which can cause problems (e.g. vitamin A deficiency, lymphomas). So Johnston & Jeff have developed a specialist blend which is low in sunflower but still gives the right levels of nutrients, richness and variety that is right for the particular species.

Suitable for African Greys, Amazons, Jardines, Caiques, Senegals, Pionus, large and small Macaws and Cockatoos.

Johnston & Jeff African Grey Parrot (Low Sunflower) is a blend of 24 ingredients specially for the smaller beaked Parrots.

This blend was developed, tested and re-tested in mixed aviary collections to make sure that it was just right for the species of birds for which it was intended.

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5% White Sunflower, Safflower, Oats, Red Dari, White Dari, Hemp, Buckwheat, Wheat, Paddy Rice, Pumpkin Seed, Flaked Peas, Flaked Maize, Puffed Maize, Puffed Wheat, Papaya, Banana, Pineapple, Apricot, Coconut, Brazil Nut Kernels, Walnut Halves, Peanuts, Pine Nuts, Chillies

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