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Johnson’s Fruity Stick is a super delicious treat suitable for small animals including hamsters and gerbils. They can be fed as a whole treat or broken up to feed in chunks. Contains delicious fruits, such as apple, apricot, banana, raisins and currants!

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If you look at a hamster, you will not just see cuteness but also loads of cheer and happiness. A healthy hamster means a happy hamster, which is the key to your own delight. So, how about getting Johnson’s Fruity Stick for Hamsters 45g and make sure that your cutie pie stays happy all the time? These natural pet treats are not only suitable for hamsters but can also be fed to other small animals like gerbils. There is a general misconception about the dietary needs of small animals that they shouldnt be given treats.

But many pet experts believe that tasty treats are a great way to spice-up any pets routine. Johnson’s Fruity Sticks are made from apple, apricot, banana, raisins and currants, which are loved by most small animals. They also have selected seeds, nuts and cereals that are a great source of protein and carbohydrates, which makes these hamster treats perfect to reward after a vigorous cycling session on their wheel.

These natural ingredients are then mixed with delicious and sweet honey. Healthy and completely free from additives, these treat bars can be broken into smaller pieces. These bars are perfect to take your pets taste buds on a tasty ride that is rich in flavours, textures and nutrients.